The sound recordings for this track were made this summer, during an artist residency at Art Center Slovenia.

Going back to the 18th century, Slovenian beekeepers had the tradition of painting their beehives with various scenes, linked to folklore stories, jokes or even news items.
Still to the present day, a beehouse accommodates rows of beehives that can be opened from the inside with doors that are lined with newspaper.

Festival Selection
A Dog’s Luck was selected for the ‘Expériences du regard’ program at Lussas Doc in France, which took place between 19 and 25 August 2018.

A Dog’s Luck was screened in Odapark, Center for Contemporary Art in Venray, the Netherlands on 24 August.


On Sunday 17 June 2018, an empty gas station and architectural jewel was the decor of a special screening of A Dog’s Luck, together with some other wonderful short films.
The event was in collaboration with Cinemaximiliaan.

Film Program

The Private Life of a Cat (Alexander Hammid & Maya Deren, 1947) – 22’
“Providing a delicate look into the love and family life of two cats, the filmmakers present them as autonomous characters. The film activates their gaze as they look at each other, roaming about in their indoor universe. The cats appropriate the interior of the house as their own habitable space, without being influenced by human interference.”
Nina de Vroome

With a live soundtrack by Mostafa Taleb and Rohab Ashuoriuo.

Parallel IV (Harun Farocki, 2014) – 11’
“Parallel IV explores the actions of the heroes and protagonists of the video game world. These heroes have no parents or teachers; they must test their relationships with others and determine, of their own accord, the rules to follow. “These characters are homunculi, anthropomorphist beings, created by humans. Whoever plays with them has a share in the creator’s pride.”
Harun Farocki

Nie płacz [Don’t Cry] (Grzegorz Królikiewicz, 1972) – 8’
“Grzegorz Królikiewicz’s tense, enigmatic and voluptuous short masterpiece, Don’t Cry (1972), leaves one with an insatiable yearning for more, and yet it is perfectly self-contained. With its refusal to guide the viewer towards comprehension, and its blatantly confrontational musique concrète soundtrack, Królikiewicz pushes his documentary into the realm of abstraction so intense, it’s almost abusive. Right from the very first shot of free-floating, long-haired heads turning into visual blots, it’s the mere surface of things that cries out to be acknowledged and perceived in its nakedness.”
Michał Oleszczyk

Het geluk van honden [A Dog’s Luck] (Nina de Vroome, 2018) – 23’

Hands (Adam Roberts, 1995) – 5’
“Choreographer Jonathan Burrows and I wanted to make a film that would treat only one part of the body, ignoring the whole that is the usual subject of dance. While Jonathan was excited by the beauty of a pair of hands and their particular movement possibilities, I had been intrigued by the expressive possibilities of human parts other than the face that so dominates and organises film framings. For both of us hands were important and beautiful.”
Adam Roberts