Avant-Première Globes

On September 18th you are kindly invited for the open-air avant-premiere of Globes (98′). The film will be presented after a poetic walk on the domain of the Bierbais winter garden. Food will be served in the garden and there is a possibility to spend the night in your tent.

We will gather at 18h00 in Mont-Saint-Guibert, rue de Bierbais 2 for a walk past the beehives, gardens and ponds, which will be illuminated with poetic interventions by Ivana Momčilović and me of PhD in One Night; Martin van der Belen and André Fafchamps of Fondation La Nacelle. At 19h00 a dinner by Michelle Woods of Table Dance is served, and at 20h30 the screening of Globes will start. There is limited space for 60 persons, so if you would like to come, please make a reservation HERE.

The food is vegetarian, but let us know if you prefer a vegan option or if you have allergies. Tea and coffee will be served, but feel free to bring your favourite beverage. There are a few beds available inside reserved for those who are not able to camp outside.

The domain is about 45 minutes drive from Brussels. It is advised to use a carpool system. When coming by car, please indicate on the carpool-document from where you are leaving, how many free places you have available and what times you think of coming and going home. When you would like to join a driver, please write your name underneath together with your phone-number. The driver will then contact the candidate-carpoolers. Recommended parking is in the street Rue des Tilleuls, in front of café des Pêcheurs, 1435 Mont-saint-Guibert (no parking in rue de Bierbais please). In case of rain: the poetic walk will be organised under umbrellas and supper & projection will be held in a covered space. To finalise your reservation, please pay in advance on: BE38 0018 5485 0972, Fondation La Nacelle 72 rue Marconi – 1190 Bruxelles with the reference “18.9- avant premiere Nina”

This event is made possible by PhD in One Night, La Nacelle-Fondation Nomade and Avila Film.

Listen to Nina’s contribution to The Bandwagon, Sabzian’s series of film-related mixes.

Film Place Collective

On the website of Film Place Collective you can find a portrait of my study. It is a written journey though the space in which I made the collage-film “Blanqui and the Stars”, which is equally on view there.

“Every door is a wall in motion. I remember how as a child I hung on the door handle and swung back and forth by pushing myself against the walls. Like all children, I could go on endlessly to exhaust a single observation that unfolded a range of viewpoints. The architecture is shaken loose by this dance with the door. If you swing in one direction, the space closes off and you find yourself in an intimate room. If you swing in the other direction, the echoing hall flows in. Closing and opening the door transforms the two spaces. An open door joins spaces, allows light into the hall and draws sound into the room. It initiates an interaction between the two spaces. When you close the door again, openness is exchanged for intimacy. In a room enclosed by a door, there is room for confidentiality. A room with a closed door is where private life takes place.”

Een idee van de zee [A Sea Change] (2016) is available for streaming on the Belgian distribution platform Avila. Watch the film here.

Avila offers both contemporary and classic documentary and fiction films which the public can endlessly (re)discover. The platform was founded by filmmakers and takes off with a selection of Belgian films. 

The catalogue of the online platform explicitly avoids an overload in which a film threatens to drown and disappear, presenting a selection based on editorial choices. Every one of the films offered by Avila transcends the ephemeral and continues to resound aesthetically, technically, politically or historically.