How romantic it is to spend a sleepless night because of a big storm which rips the bright red and orange leaves off their branches, lit by a fiery white full moon! A revery of nature that is inflicting this philosophical restless mental state on the lonely insomniacs.

The train to Vienna was indefinitely delayed because of an extraordinary storm.  In the immobile train, the woman in front of me complained that this delay is the setback too much of this day, which had begun so badly with this white night she went through. Everyone – so it turned out – had spent a sleepless night, tossing over in bed, rethinking their lives and where they are heading to. Today they are not heading anywhere. We are all stuck. The “unwetter” stopped us in our unsteady tracks. “un-weather” is a natural phenomenon that renders landscapes eerie, un-natural, as if outside of time.

This night with rustling leaves, filmic shivering trees, this day out of the ordinary cut off all the plans of all travelers in Germany, and sent them to wander train platforms as orphans. This day is maybe an untimely advent of a new time in which the eerie will be less subline and more ordinary.

In this world where nature is located on the scarce empty spaces between towns, mines, gardens and farms it will create some sublime sceneries for us, especially orchestrated for – and yes, by us.

Manmade catastrophies disguised as sublime anomalies.